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Cambridge is best known for its universities.

Welcome to Cambridge

It comes as a surprise to some that Cambridge is not actually a part of Boston. It is, in fact, its own city, with its own city government, state and local representation, school system, and public services. That said, it is connected to Boston by several bridges that span the picturesque Charles River, and residents of both cities enjoy the views from their respective sides. 
Cambridge is best known for its universities. Harvard and M.I.T., two of the most prestigious institutions in the world, are located a stone’s throw from each other. Not surprisingly, there is a youthful vibe that infiltrates much of daily life in Cambridge. Pharmaceutical and Big Tech companies also have a significant presence in the city.
As diverse as the population of Cambridge is, so is its architecture. The city lacks an abundance of any one historic style, although there are a number of Colonial and Georgian mansions on Brattle Street and there is tremendous representation of contemporary architecture.
Cambridge was settled in 1632 by Puritan Colonists. The neighborhood that is today Harvard Square was the village center, with farms and, later, estates in the outlying areas. As more bridges were built (thereby shortening the trip to Boston), Cambridge prospered, becoming a prime residential and business district.

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